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Five-mile Radius Birding Results

As described in an earlier blog post, we decided for a variety of reasons to stick mostly close to home with our birding this year. Following the example of our friend Jen, we chose a 5-mile radius (5MR) around our house as the arbitrary boundary and kept track on eBird of all the bird species that we found there.  We are lucky enough to be pro staff for Celestron and so we were equipped with their best binoculars and scope, plus a phone camera adapter, an awesome new Hummingbird scope and an invaluable handwarmer/USB charger. We started out on a pleasant January 1st with our friend Eric at Koll Wetlands in Beaverton. Koll, also known as Creekside Wetlands, is nestled between a park and an office park and provides some great waterbird habitat. It ended up being our most productive spot this year, home to over 60% of all the species we saw. One of our favorite birds of the Day One was this tolerant Green Heron. A Swamp Sparrow was even more rare and exciting but was not scope-friendly…

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