Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tomato days

The tomatoes we planted in late May and early June are ripening daily.

We have been picking the smaller Stupice, Sungold, and Sweet Million varieties for a few weeks now.

A few of the larger tomatoes, such as these Purple Cherokee, are now ready to eat.

With tomatoes and other garden foods now in season, we have been preparing simple meals, like bruschetta, cheese, and beans, for dinner. Lately, we eat dinner on our back deck, which is nicely shaded from the late-afternoon sun. A great way to celebrate the summer's harvest!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fishing in Montana, then and now

Last week I briefly visited my hometown of Butte, MT to fish for trout and family history. I hoped to claim some family photographs and genealogical information while helping my father prepare for a move.

We uncovered some great images of Butte in its industrial heyday (photo above circa 1905), as well as old family fishing photos from the Big Hole River.

Here is my dapper great-grandfather Ison with three rainbows. This photo was taken in the late-1920s or the early 1930s.

My great-grandmother Ellen (who I have fuzzy memories of) with a trout of her own.

Here is a view of Maidenrock, one of my favorite camping and fishing sites on the river.

On Saturday, my father and I fished the Big Hole near Thompson's corner.

I landed a grayling (pictured above), several small rainbow trout, and a rainbow-cutthroat hybrid. As always, I wished I had more time to fish, but it was good to keep the family traditions alive, if only for one day.