Welcome to the Neighborhood!

On Sunday, Sarah, our dog Andie, and I spent our first full day in the new house. We have begun the processes of unpacking and getting to know our neighborhood.

Three crows, our first avian visitors, arrived this morning to pull large grubs from our backyard. They later spent the afternoon harassing a Red-tailed Hawk that was perched in a Doug fir.

Much of the day was sunny, so we, along with many neighbors, went outside to enjoy the weather. We noticed that the ratio of people walking dogs to people driving cars down our street was about 10 to 1, a great sign.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, including a massive exotic species removal along the south fence. English Ivy, Himalayan blackberry, and a type of knotweed have formed a thicket that will keep me quite busy for a while.


  1. Welocme home! I am sure you will be planting native vegetation that will attract all kinds of birds! I can't wait to see what shows up!

  2. Mult. Village....excellent! Have you hit Marco's yet? We love that place- went there for breakfast this morning infact. I'm going to keep a Feb. yardbird list on my sidebar. You should do the same (a friendly competition?)...I bet you get some good birds in your new neighborhood!

  3. Haven't been keeping up too well on the blogosphere of late, missed your move--congratulations on the new digs, and all good wishes for the exotic eradication program. "Knotweed" sounds a nasty as it looks.


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