February Beach Weekend

Last weekend, we took our monthly trip to the coast and our biannual trip to the town of Newport.

As usual, we birded several locations around town and sampled the local food and beer.

We found plenty of birds, but the only one I managed to photograph was carved into a bronze pillar by local artist Frank Boyden.

The weather could not have been nicer. As the sun set, we drove north to Pacific City.

The next day, we surveyed the beach of Bob Straub State Park for dead seabirds.

We did not find any dead birds, but we did encounter a gigantic black cottonwood

and some shiner surfperches that had washed ashore.


  1. Wonderful photography. I'm glad there were no dead birds. I like the sculpture (what little I could see of it!)

  2. Hi Max (and wife!). Great new look to your blog! It's been a while since I checked it out, and I'm glad to see you're still doing the same exciting activities I enjoy reading about.

    Best wishes,


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