Goings on in the Yard

Here in the Village, the weather has transitioned from the typically winter pattern of mostly rainy days to a spring-like mix of sun, wind, and rain each day. The change in seasons means that it is time to get serious about nesting and gardening.

Last week I found another Western Scrub Jay pair constructing a nest, this one in a pyrocanthus shrub in our own backyard. The female is now incubating. This woody plant is armed with sharp, brittle thorns that break under the skin and irritate for days, so the nest site should be a safe one.

The crows visible from our house are now incubating as well. On one nest, I can actually see the female with my bare eyes from our dining room. While indoors, we can also hear her calling out to others while sitting on her nest.

During the last two weeks, we transplanted three strawberry plants and two blueberry shrubs in hopes of several years' worth of cobblers. We also sent orders for vegetable seeds and native plants which we anticipate will increase the diversity of food in our kitchen and birds in our yard.


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