Flowers and Flyovers

When we returned home from the beach on Sunday, we were greeted by dozens of new flowers. Most of the shrubs and perennial herbs were here before we bought the house last winter, so we did not know what colors to expect.

We are not sure what species these are above, but they popped up in the pre-existing garden and produced bright pink blooms.

We were surprised by the scarlet flowers on these peas we bought several weeks ago.

The long wait for rhododendron flowers is over.

They came in two shades of pink and are attracting bees like crazy.

We also have several rose bushes that appear to be quite old. This one is producing large, peach yogurt-colored flowers.

The time has also come for me to count birds at Killin Wetlands in Washington County. Today I had a hard time listening for birds because a pair of Red-tailed Hawks were unhappy about my proximity to their nest (under the arrow above). They flew overhead and screamed at me until I finished my work and drove home. I saw one chick in the nest that will probably fledge soon, so I should get some peace when I return next week.


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