Produce update

I have not posted a recipe for several weeks for a couple of reasons. First, due to wisdom teeth removal, I spent a week eating food that was not very exciting. Second, I have been busy wrapping up several projects that need finishing by the end of the month. More on those later.

Despite my lack posting, good food is being produced in our yard and at local farms. More recipes are on the way.

This week, we made our annual trip to West Union Farms to stock up on berries for the year. We hit the Blackberry Jackpot and now have a full freezer.

Our first backyard squash blossom arrived yesterday! I hope the flowers to attract plenty of bumblebees to our garden.


  1. Congratulations on the new digs! I have'nt been on your blog-place in a awhile. Been in your real place, though, with daughter & her partner moving across the river.

    PS: not sure that the Granite Mtn Overlook area is "safe" at all--there's been some clean up in the parking & trail area, but still lots of hot arsenic & heavy Mx stuff. I wouldn't walk my dog there!


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