Summer Projects

As with previous summers, I have been busy during recent weeks. I have been preparing two projects that went on display last Friday.

The first was a painting of a Black Oystercatcher for a show at our community art center. It is now on display with other works from artists who live or work in Multnomah Village.

The other was a research poster I brought to the Ecological Society of America meetings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unlike the painting, which will be up until September, the poster was on display for only a couple of hours.

Until last week, I had never visited the northeast portion of the country, so I had been looking forward to this five-day trip all summer. Despite the heavy humidity, I enjoyed every day I spent in the city. There is a lot optimism here, due to a boom in academic spending and sustainable building, which have replaced many of the jobs lost during the industry shutdowns of the 1980s.

Thursday morning, I took a quick trip to Frick Park in the Squirrel Hill district. In the early morning fog, I found a luna moth and several "eastern" bird species I had not seen or heard in several years.

Later that afternoon, dozens of Pirates fans and I crossed the Allegheny river on the Roberto Clemente Bridge to catch a baseball game. The Pirates beat the Rockies 5-1.

Now that my poster and oystercatcher projects are complete, I can see the finish line of my summer busy season.


  1. Congratulations on balancing art & science. And on finding a luna moth--they were fairly common at our late summer campfires in Pennsylvania (in the Alleghenies north of Pittsburgh--little city called Bradford), but it's been a very long time.

  2. Love the painting! Have you started or finished any others?


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