Spring Gardening and Eating

Since returning from Nebraska, I have spent a lot of time indoors, and I have therefore had few pictures to post. I dedicated the month of April to finishing a project's paperwork, giving me little time for garden work. Luckily, Sarah has been able to get out, prepare the soil, and plant some seeds.
Like everyone else in the Northwest and Northern Rockies, we have been waiting for consistently warm weather to return so we can plant tomatoes, squashes, and other summer crops.

Until then, we will settle for the leafy greens and root vegetables than can tolerate our cool, mostly cloudy weather.

Each day we get new reminders, such as these fig buds, that spring is, in fact, here.

A few weeks ago, Sarah bought me a hand-cranked pasta machine. Last Monday, I made my first fresh pasta dish, fettuccine with rainbow chard ragu. I enjoyed the process so much that I will try to take time to make pasta once a week and top it with whatever is in season.


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