Garden update

After a seemingly late start, summer is now providing blue skies, warm weather, and growing plants.

This spring was colder than average, but not as rainy as last year's. We were therefore able to get outside and improve our gardens.

We added a new garden bed to our front yard, which we filled with six tomato plants.

We also added another blueberry shrub to our driveway berry patch.

We have the same beds in the backyard that we gardened last year.

The cedar bed has a variety of greens, beets, carrots, and a stupice tomato.

The fenced bed has lettuce, peas, and a few more tomatoes.

The brick bed has a hummingbird plant (mint family) ringed by bush beans.

We now have all lettuce greens we can eat, but we look forward to the late summer/early fall harvests of tomatoes and beans.


  1. Late start indeed! Glad to see your garden is catching up. We had great rhubarb and the raspberries are in bloom--hope they set & ripen before the wintry blasts!


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