Commonwealth Lake Birds

On Friday, Sarah and I took a break from work at home to see who has settled into Commonwealth Lake Park for the winter. Here are a few of the species we saw:

This bright gull contrasted nicely with the colorful foliage and dark water.

The yellow legs, yellow bill, and yellow eyes indicate this is Ring-billed Gull.

A larger gull had perched at the other end of the pond.

This gull has the dark gray back and black wing tips of a Western Gull, but the fine-gray barring on the head suggest that one of its ancestors had hybridized with a Glaucous-winged Gull.

As expected, small flocks of American Wigeons have returned to dine on the grass like miniature geese.

Around here, every park seems to have at least one American Coot in winter. This is one of three that we found.
We look forward to the arrival of additional winter waterfowl in the coming weeks.


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