2011 Birding By County

As Sarah and I traveled through Oregon this year, we compiled a list of the bird species we observed in each county.

We visited 20 of the 36 counties, most of which were in the western and central portions of the state.

Number of birds per county ranged from 147 in Tillamook, the coastal county we visit at least once per month, to three in Josephine, which we drove through on our way to Ashland. Our home county of Multnomah came in second and Washington County, our neighbor to the west, was third. Polk county squeaked into fourth thanks to our participation in the Dallas Christmas Bird Count.

We will continue to compile lists as we visit the remaining 16 counties and revisit the 20 we birded this year. Though I do not have a numerical goal of species per county, I do hope to generate a list of birds from every one. This will require a lot of travel on the dry side of the state.


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