Bad photos of good birds

Sarah and I just completed an amazing trip that took us from Mount Hood south to central Oregon, down to California, then up the Oregon coast to Pacific City. We found more species of birds that we could have imagined and we had great views of birds, such as a Ferruginous Hawk, that we don't often see.

We have become pretty good at finding birds, but, as you may have noticed in previous posts,we lack the equipment and patience needed to take respectable photographs of them. Below are some highlight birds from the trip, brought to you with assistance from PowerPoint.

 Cabin Lake Campground near Fort Rock

Hagelstein Park near Klamath Falls

 Harris Beach State Park near Brookings

 Life bird at Harris Beach

 Seal Rock near Newport

 Yaquina Bay in Newport

We have a few more trips on summer schedule. More birds, and more awful photos, to come!


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