Bring on the rain!

The spectacular stretch of dry weather has finally come to an end in western Oregon. Sarah and I completed our psychological and physiological preparations by spending as much time in the sun as possible while at the beach several weeks ago.

Back at the house, we made agricultural and structural preparations as well.

We pulled down our tomato vines and salvaged what we could for storage as sauce or pickles. 

The extended sunshine served our tomatoes well. The indigo rose, which produced the purple-colored fruits above, was exceptionally productive this year. The unripened ones will become purple pickles.

A crew is finishing a new roof for our house and we had a new heat pump installed this summer. So for the first time since moving in 2010, I am looking forward to any storm the Pacific sends our way. Now we can turn up the heat,  fill up on dark beer, and complete some indoor projects. 

This year, I have taken to carving and painting images of loons (last year it was rockfishes). I am not sure what I will do with my loons when I am done. Luckily, the holidays are approaching.


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