Another wonderful week in Pacific City

Last week, Sarah and I returned to Pacific City for some more beach time.

The week included a side trip to Newport in search of Tropical Kingbirds (success!), daily beach walks, and plenty of work from my in-laws' beach house.

While walking to the beach one day, we found evidence of a late-night rampage. It looks like a hungry black bear was at work.

The culprit tore the side off of this bin, pulled out the garbage can, and sorted through the refuse. Looks like someone should invest in the steel trash containers used in national park campgrounds.

When we reached the beach, we watched another drama unfold. 

A Common Raven approached a rockfish carcass that had been claimed by a pair of Western Gulls.

 The Gulls put up a fight, but the raven would not be deterred.

 After tugging some tail feathers and winning a face-off, the raven had exclusive access to the fish.

The raven filled its crop and mouth with fish flesh and then flew off, leaving little for the gulls.

We returned to Portland a few days ago and we are already looking forward to our next trip, probably to the Salish Sea in Washington.


  1. Ooh I love a good bird drama- I'm impressed the raven won.


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