Yamhill County Birdaversary

On February 1st, 2003, Sarah and I went on our first birding trip together. We drove from Norman, Oklahoma to Sooner Lake, near Stillwater. We didn't find the Smith's Longspur I'd hoped for, but I think I impressed Sarah with my ability to identify Field Sparrows. Ten years later, we continue to chase birds in nice rural settings.

Today we celebrated the milestone with a trip to Yamhill County to see a Tufted Duck, a Ferruginous Hawk, and whatever else we could find.

The Tufted Duck was easy to spot swimming with a nice in a mix of Pintails, Wigeons, and Ring-necked Ducks in a wetland along Chehalem Creek.

We next drove up to the Glacial Erratic Rock, deposited by the Missoula Floods, south of McMinnville. We hiked up to the rock and when we returned to the parking lot, the immature Ferrugious Hawk flew right in and landed in a field across the highway.

Two for two!

Before we returned home, we enjoyed some great views from Amity Winery and tried once again to find a Black Phoebe, this time in Dayton.

We struck out on the Phoebe again, but no worries, there are plenty around this winter.


  1. Happy anniversary! Glad you found those birds too- now I'm considering a trip down there for the Ferruginous.


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