Birthday birds

 On Thursday Sarah and I celebrated the completion of my 35th year with a trip to southeast Portland. We started by visiting Reed Canyon. The sun was out and the canyon was full of plant and animal activity.

Wrens were singing, skunk cabbage was blooming, and a Canada Goose was excavating a nest site in an old stump.

I expect that, when she is satisfied with the dimensions of the depression, she will line it with her down feathers and lay some eggs.

Our next stop was Westmoreland Park, where we found the best bird of the day.

This large, pale Peregrine Falcon was ripping into the carcass of a female American Wigeon, inches away from the walking trail.

We found it funny that dozens of ducks and geese casually went about their business while while the falcon was dining on a fellow waterfowl.

Among the surviving ducks was this male Eurasian Wigeon who was nice enough to swim toward us for a decent picture. Thanks to great birds, weather, and company, I could not ask for a better way to spend a birthday afternoon.


  1. Oh nice! I haven't heard of anyone seeing a male Eurasian this year there. I agree it's funny (and twisted!) that the falcon is chowing down in front of other ducks... Happy birthday!!

  2. Wow! The Peregrine was a great find. A perfect b-day gift!


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