A Sandy River Delta milestone

Oregon's weather has been nothing short of spectacular in June. Much better than in previous years when we wondered if we'd see the sun before August. We recently spent a sunny morning at the Sandy River Delta, lust east of Portland, to let the dog wander the off-leash area while we listened to a cornucopia of bird song coming from the trees and shrubs.

The target of our walk was a huge utility line tower that is the singing perch of an Eastern Kingbird. Sure enough, the flycatcher was singing near the top of the structure.

He eventually flew down to what is clearly a much-loved perch.

The delta is the only place in western Oregon where this species regularly nests, so it is always worth a trip out there to find one.

We found two more birds that are hard find in our area: a Red-eyed Vireo and a Yellow-breasted Chat. These species prefer to be seen, not heard, so we did not get a picture.
In January, we set a goal of finding at least 250 bird species in Oregon this year. We are happy to report that the kingbird and vireo brought our total to 250! Now it's on to 275.


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