Birdathon 2014 (we need your help!)

The folks at the Audubon Society of Portland our great friends of ours. They helped to promote our book and they've even employed us in the past. Their staff and volunteers work ridiculously hard to protect natural areas and get people of all ages outside to enjoy the natural world. 

For these reasons, Sarah and I lead a Birdathon fundraising trip each year. Our team, "The Murre, the Merrier" usually spends a full day birding from Hillsboro to the Oregon coast and back. This year, however, we are mixing things up. 

We’ll be leading TMTM again, but we’re taking the team east to bird the Columbia Gorge and surrounding areas.

We are also joining a new team and this is where you, the blog readers come in. Our virtual Birdathon team, known as the Bloggerhead Shrikes, will be looking for birds in great outdoors but requesting pledges over the internets. Our friend Jen is the Virtual Team Leader and she has a great description of the team at her blog

Sometime between now and Memorial Day, Sarah and I will travel our traditional route to the coast and find as many species of birds as possible in a 12-hour period. We ask you to pledge us in support of the wonderful conservation and education work that Portland Audubon does for the great state of Oregon. You can pledge us an amount per species (we’ll be trying to break last year’s mark of 120), or you can get creative. 

How about $5.00 for every species of flycatcher we identify (empids included)? 

Or $1.00 per individual Great Blue Heron?  You can also pledge a flat amount of $10.00 or more.

Pledging us is easy! Just visit our Must-see Birds pledge page
and follow the directions. Everyone who pledges will get a shout-out on our blog and/or Twitter and Facebook and the satisfaction of donating to a great cause.

Thanks and we’ll keep you posted!


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