Corvid Country

Corvids (crows and jays) seem to be the dominant birds in our new neighborhood.

Our house lies in the center of a Western Scrub Jay territory. The pair are regular visitors to our feeder and they frequently pass over the yard while carrying material to their nest site.

Their nest, under construction for several weeks now, is hidden somewhere under the arrow in this wall of shrubs and trees above. We see occasional Steller's Jays as well, but I have not noticed any nesting behavior yet.

We have plenty of American Crows in our neighborhood and two of their nests are visible from our yard.

One nest is under construction in a redcedar behind the house.

The other is being built on the branch of a large Douglas fir. It will be easy to monitor the activities of these nests since the trees are so tall. If they are interested, the crows can keep an eye on us as well.


  1. What fun to have nesting going on in your yard. These species can be so entertaining! I hope to hear about more of their antics in later posts.


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