Welcoming Spring

Sarah and I spent the last afternoon of winter birding the Tillamook area on the Oregon Coast. We rounded out our winter bird list with sightings of three migrant species: Turkey Vulture, Tree Swallow, and Violet-green Swallow.

We have now started our spring bird list with an Osprey being the first species unique to the season. It will be interesting to see which season produces the most birds in 2010.

Complete winter bird list:

1.Cackling Goose
2.Canada Goose
3.Pie-billed Grebe
4.Double-crested Cormorant
5.Great-blue Heron
7.American Wigeon
8.Ring-necked Duck
10.Wood Duck
11.Bald Eagle
12.American Coot
13.Glaucous-winged Gull
14.Mourning Dove
15.Anna's Hummingbird
16.Acorn Woodpecker
17.Western Scrub Jay
18.American Robin
19.American Goldfinch
20.Red-winged Blackbird
21.American Crow
22.Dark-eyed junco
23.Lesser Scaup
24.Black-capped Chickadee
26.Red-breasted Sapsucker
27.Green-winged Teal
28.Spotted Towhee
29.Brown Creeper
30.Golden-crowned Kinglet
31.Red-tailed Hawk
32.Song Sparrow
33.Varied Thrush
34.Chestnut-backed Chickadee
35.Rock Dove
36.Hairy Woodpecker
37.American Kestrel
39.Golden-crowned Sparrow
40.House Finch
41.Northern Flicker
42.Tundra Swan
43.Northern Shoveler
44.Hooded Merganser
45.Cooper's Hawk
46.Red-breasted Nuthatch
47.Bewick's Wren
48.Common Merganser
49.Peregrine Falcon
50.Northern Pintail
52.Wilson's Snipe
53.Steller's Jay
54.Brewer's Blackbird
55.Common Loon
56.Horned Grebe
57.Eared Grebe
58.Brown Pelican
59.Pelagic Cormorant
60.Great Egret
61.Greater Scaup
62.Surf Scoter
63.Common Goldeneye
64.Red-breasted Merganser
65.Mew Gull
66.California Gull
67.Thayer's Gull
68.Western Gull
69.Common Raven
70.Winter Wren
71.White-breasted Nuthatch
72.Snow Goose
73.Northern Harrier
74.Sandhill Crane
76.Belted Kingfisher
77.Downy Woodpecker
79.Black Turnstone
80.White-tailed Kite
81.Ruddy Duck
82.Western Grebe
83.Black Oystercatcher
84.Hermit Thrush
85.Pine Siskin
86.Lesser Goldfinch
87.Ring-billed Gull
88.Western Meadowlark
89.Eurasian Collared Dove
90.Fox Sparrow
92.Harlequin Duck
93.Red-throated Loon
94.Red-necked Grebe
96.Yellow-rumped Warbler
97.Marsh Wren
99.Townsend's Warbler
100. European Starling
101. House Sparrow
102. Clark's Grebe
103. American Dipper
104. Cedar Waxwing
105. Great-horned Owl
106. Rufous Hummingbird
107. White-crowned Sparrow
108. Turkey Vulture
109. Tree Swallow
110. Violet-green Swallow


  1. Wow, nice list! I counted myself lucky to see the first mountain bluebirds and hear the first western meadowlark this week.

  2. That's an impressive list. I am now up over 200 species for the year. I need to take a look at my stats again and I hope to post an update soon. Good for you!


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