Baby birds in central Oregon.

Last weekend, Sarah and I took a long-awaited trip to Central Oregon.

I look forward to visiting this part of the state each June because we always find many nesting birds, more than we usually see on the west side of the Cascades.

For the first two nights, of the trip, we rented a house near Camp Sherman and the Metolius River. Its amenities included a Brewer's Blackbird nest in the carport. Five nestlings were present Friday evening. On Saturday morning, all but one had left the nest. The last one fledged by sundown that evening.

Along the Metolius, we found many birds, such as Western Wood-Pewees and Yellow-rumped Warblers nesting in the pines.

The highlight, though, was a Common Merganser hen toting ducklings on her back.

They fell off when she dove or hopped over a log, but they climbed back on as soon as she was swimming again.


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