Central Oregon volcanoes

When in central Oregon, I never tire of viewing the volcanic peaks of the Cascade Range. Here are some photos from last week's trip.

Mount Jefferson (Oregon's second-highest peak) in the background and Black Butte in foreground, seen from the south. On a clear day, we can see the north face of Mount Jefferson from our neighborhood.

Three Fingered Jack. A very old and extinct volcano.

Mount Scott, seen from the east at Klamath Marsh. Crater Lake lies just to the west of the peak.


  1. Nice pictures. I grew up in Bend, and the Three Sisters and Bachelor were my daily view. I've been on top of all but Scott, many years ago. Another, Mt. Washington, had a more un-pc name in my childhood. The Metolius River comes out of the north end of Black Butte from an underground river. The Deschutes River is thought to come from the Cascade's lakes, via lave tubes.


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