Solstices 2011

Lately, the solstices, especially the winter one, are my favorite times of the year. I now consider holidays such as Christmas and New Year's Eve to be components of a month-long solstice celebration. I guess this makes me some sort of a Judeo-Christo-Pagan. Whatever I am, I like to watch the sun rise and set during astronomical milestones.

On June's summer solstice, I watched the sun rise while I counted birds at Killin Wetlands.

Many hours later, I watched it set from our from yard.

I missed today's winter solstice sunrise (my body insists on hibernating through the mid-morning hours), but I would not have seen the sun anyway because of the thick morning fog.

In the afternoon, the sky cleared in time to see sunset colors over the Village.

We then went out for pizza and dark beer, the perfect combination to kick off the long night.

Though only Wednesday, it has been a long week of cabin fever down in our holler. We look forward to good times with friends and family this weekend, in houses warmer than our own.


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