20 days of rain

It has been one of the wettest springs on record in western Oregon. Rainfall totals in May were much higher than the usually wetter month of February. On Friday, we reached 20 straight days of at least some precipitation. I am used to soggy springs and I like interesting weather events, so I refuse to join the ceaseless complaining of the local tv anchorpersons.

We have had one rain-related casualty in our yard, however. One of our rose bushes has fallen. Hopefully it can be saved.

Our gardens have been soaked, but our cold-season plants such as radishes and greens have fared well despite heavy slug predation.

We now wait for a dry and sunny stretch to plant our warm-season seeds.


  1. Sorry about all that rain. Good luck with your planting. I like sunshine much better and so I live in the desert!


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