Recipe of the Week #5

Multi-purpose Tahini Sauce

While in Pacific City last weekend, I crafted a quick tahini sauce as a topping for tempeh tacos, which were inspired by a dish at Cafe Mundo in Newport.

During the next few days, I used the remainder of the sauce for dipping vegetables, such as radishes, that are now growing like crazy in our garden.


Tahini (a spread of roasted sesame seeds)
Soy sauce
Lemon juice (can be substituted by other acids such as vinegar or orange juice)
Finely chopped scallions (green onions)


Place several spoonfuls of tahini into a mixing bowl (I used about 5 tablespoons). Stir in juice of one lemon and the chopped scallions (I used three small scallions). Add soy sauce, stir, and taste, adding more until level of desired saltiness in achieved. Adjust to desired consistency by adding water or more tahini. Place in the refrigerator for several hours before serving to let the flavors blend.


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