Gardening in the Sun

We took advantage of break in our rainy weather to catch up on some gardening. We now have patches scattered around our front and back yards full of seeds and starts.

Along the side of our driveway, we covered our strawberries and blueberries with netting to keep the birds out.

A few feet away, I constructed a tomato frame and planted a few squash seeds.

In the back, our raised bed is now full of plants in various stages of development.

I finally weeded the old garden, whose peonies are now in bloom.

Finally, we added some soil to an open patch of clay. We planted sunflowers and squash in hopes of big yellow flowers this summer. Another 1.3 inches of rain fell on Sunday, but some sun is expected for the rest of the week. Between our gardens and CSA membership, we should have plenty of food to work with this summer. More recipes to come!


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