Some animal sketches from 2012

I was up early this morning, so I scanned some more images from my 2012 Sketch-A-Day project. I chose some of the interesting animals I encountered during the year:

 In February, I was able to sketch the characteristics of several Snowy Owls at Ocean Shores, WA.

 Like it or not, our backyard is home to several naked-tailed squirrels (my name for Norway rats).

 A cooperative Great Blue Heron held a nice pose outside the kitchen window.

 This tortoise is one of many herps that live at my friend Geoff's house in New Mexico.

 Craneflies love to sneak into our house in the spring and summer.

 I was entertained by the Northern Flicker's reveille. 

 A park in Wenatchee, WA was full of fruit-eating Gray Catbirds

 I found this mussel and and its barnacles on a beach walk during the college football season.

 My father in law caught this Chinook Salmon in November.

Sarah and I saw this Barn Owl apparition in the Tillamook dairy country. 

 In December, we met the newest addition to the Oregon Zoo's elephant herd. 

Of all these encounters, I had the most fun sketching Snowy Owls because they tend to sit still during much of the day. Which animal is your favorite?


  1. I like all of your sketches. You have a charming style and I'm glad you shared more of them. I think I like that rat tail. And OF COURSE the snowies.

  2. Yeah, these are really great, so happy you're sharing them with us.. I had no idea you could find grey catbirds so "close" to here.. Are they always there?

  3. Yes, they are common breeders in central and northeastern Washington. Always fun to find in the dense, thorny brush.


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