Sketch-A-Day 2012

In December of 2011 I resolved to sketch something every day in 2012. I bought some sketchbooks and gave myself four rules: 

1. Produce at least one image a day. 
2. Do not use the same media two days in a row. 
3. Include at least one organic element (plant, animal, fungi, etc.) in each image. 
4. Sketches must be started and completed on the same day.

For the most part I followed the rules. By year's end I had filled four notebooks and two binders with images.

Looking back on the sketches, I notice that some images are quite detailed, 

 others were hastily constructed, 

and some are just weird. 

Here is a highlight from each month:

A crab shell I found in January

A view of Mt Jefferson on a windy day in February

 A squirrel's back in March

 A bumblebee carcass I found in April

 Pacific Wren fledglings in May

 Venus's Shadow on the moon above Wenatchee, WA in June

 Cerambycid beetle and beer in July

 August sunrise in Missoula, MT

Dinner ingredients in September

A pie pumpkin in October

 A chum salmon fantasy in November

A Barrow's Goldeneye swimming among yarn I bought in Washington in December (Sarah's favorite).

  2012 was a great year and it is nice to have a record of each day's experiences. I'll post some more after I get them scanned.


  1. This is so awesome and inspiring! Oh my gawd...those Pacific Wren fledglings.....I would buy a print.

  2. I second that on the wren fledglings!! Though I would probably also buy a print of the death destroyer of birds just because it is bizarrely awesome.

  3. I admire your discipline, resolve and, most of all, artistry!


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