Why do Black Phoebes hate us?

So far this year, Sarah and I are 0-2 in our attempts to find Black Phoebes in the Portland area. We have followed up on a few reported sightings because I love flycatchers and a Black Phoebes would make a great addition to our 2013 Oregon bird list.

 Our first attempt was at Fern Hill Wetlands, which was largely iced-over.

 It was pretty quiet out there, but we did see the resident Bald Eagles that are almost always perched in the large cottonwoods above.

 Today, we tried again at Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, where a Phoebe was reported at this pond early in the morning.

Though the Phoebe eluded us again, we had a great time watching Western Bluebirds fly among these little oaks.

We also watched a pair of Bald Eagles prepare their nest for the breeding season. We'll get you next time, Black Phoebe!


  1. Doh! I had three of em today but no Bald Eagles. Trade ya for a Varied Thrush?

    1. Sure, we've got plenty of varieds in our neighborhood this year.

  2. If you're game for a drive you could try Ankeny NWR where we saw two Phoebes at the main covered structure. Granted, this was in the fall and I don't know how long they stick around...


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